Welcome to http://hö! This is a private homepage maintained by me, Sebastian Hönel. Both domains, hö and are owned by me and redirect to hö The domain without umlauts has been bought especially for compatibility reasons, because many email clients refuse to send emails to IDN domains. I want to address a preferably huge crowd with this site. Therefore I emphasized from the beginning on the seamless integration of various languages. I will try to offer many articles at least in english.

The work on my own content management system, steadyCMS, peaks in this yet simple frontend. I started to work in this back in february 2011 and finished the frontend on yesterday, the 15th of october. steadyCMS is addressing professional and enterprise users / customers. The name implies a strong and highly consistent system. Learn more about steadyCMS in its own dedicated category.

The panoramas

I just want to lose some words about the panorama and how to control it. All panoramas have been shrinked to 2560 pixels in width and 350 pixels in height. I hope this is enough even for huge monitors. In the settings on top you can choose, if you want the panorama to be animated automatically. Therefore you also need to check „activate animations“. After a timeout of 15 seconds the panorama gets zoomed and scrolled from the left to the right. If you hover the panorama, the animation stops. Leaving the panorama re-enables the timeout, but it's 45 second from the 2nd run on. The timeout extends by five seconds after each pass to a maximum of 150 seconds. After that it resets to 45 seconds.
Control the panorama: In the upper right corner of the panorama you find the three controls left, magnify and right. Zooming into the panorama makes it fit its original height of 350px and width of 2560px. If your screen isn't as wide as this, you can start using the left and right controls to move the panorama.
If you reach the left or right limit and keep clicking the next (or previous) panorama gets loaded. If you are zoomed out of the panorama (you can see it right now, fitting your screen) and click left or right, the next or previous one gets loaded immediately.
Your settings are also saved instantly. The site also remembers, what was the last panorama you were viewing.
About the motifs: They were all shot by myself. I manually shot sequential pictures and merged them with Photoshop. For panoramas with this aspect ratio you will need about 10 pictues with 20-30% intersectional material.


Maybe you're asking yourself, why it says in your browser's address bar. Well, I guess you are using a not modified Mozilla (Firefox), that, in short, has a quite rigorous safety guideline regarding domains with umlauts concerning the top level domain .net. If you want to know more about that and how to display the real name in the address bar of your Mozilla browser, visit the dedicated article about that. It's also available in english and the links here point to it.


There is no rigorous guideline of what will be published by me or others on this website. In the beginning I am going to write lots of stuff about my ERASMUS stay here in sweden. Also, I want to emphasize on steadyCMS and blog about current topics concerning programming for the web, Web2.0 or maybe even social media. The contents won't assert the claim to be complete or to appear regularly. That's why I say: Have a look off and on; i also appreciate comments!

New Functions

I love to try out new things with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. That's the reason for this template here to change sometimes. Today, I enhanced the template with a suggestive function. It recommends similar articles by performing searches on the tagcloud. Up to five articles are being grabbed, regarding your language preference (german is the standard setting if you did not change it). You can enable and disable the function in the top right corner under settings.

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