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Page overview (sitemap) (English)

This is a meta-article. Here you will find an overview about the whole tree of articles (a so-called sitemap). There is also a regular XML-version available under http://hö This version has a hierarchical view and is always topical. All accessible categories and their nested articles and sub-categories are shown [..]

The Panoramas (English)

This article contains an overview about all panoramas, that are being used in the header. All of them have the same dimensions of 2560 pixels in width and 350 px in height, that's why I refrain from using Lightboxes here and open the images in a new raw tab, when you click them. Also, the images below are being arranged relatively chronologic, the latest is on top [..]

About me and Hö (English)

This is Hö This page originated from the wish of having an own content management system capable of exactly that, what I was wishing. An overloaded Wordpress-, Joomla-, Drupal- or Typo installation was not a possibility. I was confident about myself to be able to do this alone. I have done it, but it was supposed to finish a bit earlier [..]

Social Media on Hö (English)

There have been some tensions and abuses about unasked loading of social plugins like for example Facebook provides them. Also, cities like Hamburg removed the plugin from their site for privacy concerns because Facebook even collects data if the user is not registered on or signed in into Facebook [..] - what's going on in the address bar? (English)

In this article, I want to show why Firefox & Co. make the unpopular version out of hö Well, as en english speaking user, you may do not understand the whole thing anyways, because you do not have umlauts on your keyboard. For a period of time, the ICANN allows to register domains containing umlauts, also known as „International Domain Names“, (IDN) [..]

Imprint (English)

The imprint contains information about the operator of this website, credits and the disclaimer.
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