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JavaScript & HTML5: The AwsmUploader (Try-it & Doc) (English)

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AwsmProgressBar jQuery plug-in on (English)

Today is a lucky day, as I can announce my first component that has been published on! It is a plug-in for jQuery that lets you create a nicely looking progressbar with a rich set of features [..]

jQuery: The AwsmProgressBar plug-in (Try-it & Doc) (English)

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Three new ways to correctly handle asynchronous callbacks (English)

In the predecessing article we learned that the context, asynchronous callbacks are defined in, may not be reliable. I was depicting the problem using a function that translates using Bing [..]

Using asynchronous callbacks carefully in JavaScript (English)

In this article I want to show what you should pay attention to when registering and triggering asynchronous callbacks. Careless handling of these functions may lead to logic errors, that are hard to find. Error scenario Recently we were supposed to implement a multi-language solution that supports also HTML5 speech recognition. When a user came to the site, I read navigator.language [..]

Assemble chunks into files with PHP (English)

The FileDropper 2 does not work with whole files anymore, it utilizes chunks of files instead. This raises some unanswered questions, that I will treat in this article, so you can build your own implementation. You can find the full example as download at the end of this article [..]

FileDropper 2, a much improved version (English)

The FileDropper received a core-deep rewrite, many things changed so I now call it FileDropper 2. It is still available under drop.hö and basically looks the same except some animations, new icons, disposable controls etc [..]

FileDropper: Sourcecode and download (English)

The FileDropper is done with well-documented OOP JavaScript. It is a class with many private members and privileged accessors. It does not use any libraries or has external dependencies, everything needed is included. In this article I will present the source code to make you better understand how it works [..]

Build your own Dropbox: FileDropper (English)

I built my own Dropbox where friends, family members and me easily can drop files. It uses the FileAPI and works at least in Firefox 8 and Chrome 16, IE will may work when it gets to version 10. Latest versions of Safari should also work [..]

Load Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter plugins dynamic on demand (English)

In this article I want to show, how to dynamically load the social plugins from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter on demand. Every visitor of my site is free to decide whether social plugins should be loaded or not. If you did not decide yet, the site will remind you to do so. Allow loading of social plugins, to see the effect on this and all other article sites [..]
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